You’re standing right here, right now
With dizzy head and ringing ears
One meter further from crowd
Behind a glass wall – there’s no one else!

Day’s noises are just a foil
Your thoughts are louder than anything else
Elusory thoughts, so insistent
They’re flinging from one infinity to another

They want to affect your body
But the mind won’t let them, it stands sharp against
So very unstable and easily woundable
So very short and endless at the same time

You want to find something that explains what’s going on
And yet you don’t have enought power to do this alone

It feels like somebody else is in charge of your voice
Somebody else makes your body react

You are forced to submit to ongoing
With all your volition, you can’t affect anything
And tortured by this explosion like a bleeding shadow
You’re giving up to the flow, not knowing where it takes you

The next moment feels like years later
It’s only the glass wall still standing the same
Day’s noises are still just a foil
And dizzy eyes are leading your way

Meanwhile time makes you look back
And realize how much you have changed
Surroundings that holds you in hands
Makes revolution swell in your mind


The street lights already turned dim
The daylight was overwhelming
Every smallest thing took its place again
And waiting to become lighted up
The black notes passim were blurry
Where morning dew had done the trick

It felt like the hardest night had passed still
Trying to grasp, putting down writings
Thinking the script - always unthinkable

A light morning blare walked along
Until the senses came clear
Everything I ever believed it was taken away
Upon lifting the stone heavy eyes

A global sound so clearly and deeply embraced

And lifted me up to watch the world from above
Millions of heartbeats were pulsing around the earth
Creating ballet- bizzare, fast and effortless
As if it didn’t even touch the ground

Same way, escorted with the simphony
Taking the mind into another reality

As if swinged by a gigant tidal wave
Reality reminded of legs losing control over posture
Slightly trembling under a wind shelter

Unstoppable freshness was forcing out
Creating a taste of freedom on the dry lips
Making the world to spin faster around
From the very heart where the power flows over again

Still waiting

My eyes are opened
I’m waiting
Thousands of words slide by my ears

Others call it „the information”
With a self created face of values
Quickly improving, turning it into gold, in mine!

Words pronounced in lost languages
Soaked up an invisible paint
Became history at the very same moment
Like in a desert where no one survives

Making the universe so heavy

I see a colourful surroundings
One image quickly changes another
The truth of endless shades
Someone calls it „the justice”

Sometimes forgotten and replaced with own poetry
Manipulating with somebody’s face
Without meaning stands time, smell, taste and sesnse
This can’t be it

There must be another way how reach the day
My eyes are opened
And I’m still waiting


In the lost nights when moon shows the way
When thoughts searches for a portrait and night proposes a nightmare
In the lost nights when the eyes are opened
When sounds makes a harmony and muscles enjoys the respite

Like a double victory comes a memory's wave
Which came crashing from inside last year
All this time I've slept so loud
In an empty storm with sound only

The eyes accidentally appraises coming pictures
Which like ashes are laying a in memory space
So strong emotional flow makes tears to heat up
Moments that makes completeness

They are already one step behind
Keeping the time alive
And drags again in a system which generates new moments
To remind the lost nights

To show the way of seeing and appraising
To rotate like an old vinyl and to fall asleep
You see the vision in the lost nights

Pride can stand a thousand trials

And the wind becomes more violent
Dark clouds are making crowds
The shadows of peace goes off in smoke
Bravery caused by circumstances governs
Until you follow and react
Let your eyes get to know it
Bite your teeth ‘til legs grow numb
Wait for blood to start boiling
Raise the fist and gesture
Activate yourself leaving the mind behind
Just need one second and everything rotates around you
Few unbounded words that dry the sense
Blending all colors in one
You make raise against all things touched by sound
Feeling like a master of the event at the same moment
So noble and untouchable
But someone sees you for the first time this way
And someone wasn’t pleased to see you tonight
You make yourself believe
Hoping that light will step back in your honor
Soak the hands in red paint
With a devastating smile on the face
However moment which is light years away
Is forever caved in your memory

Are you still here?

Like a signal it comes from the air
Like a propeller it messes me all
Squeezes hard tears outside
Make’s a hart compressed so tight
Seems like blood wants to stop running

So tell me how to relax
How to breath in easily

How much I want to disappear to become invincible
Want to let them not to reach me not to affect me

Your voice doesn’t need to sound to make me hear it
Needless is seeing for me to understand

Destroying rain is pouring all around
Bloody words falling down
And it keeps to put a damper, surrounds in pain
Day after day I rest in the smell of sadness

It cuts the soul in so different pieces
Everything takes a new position
To be ready for other changes
To be able to hear the heartbeats
That have been gone for so long
That they’re already far from here

Grey day

Opening eyes you start to feel
What you can’t stop thinking about
Being surprised without a warning
You cannot stop feeling or wash it away
No sense to to make it different
No point of getting used
Since once you start acting everything changes
You try to understand to run away
And hide - try to sleep it out
Make the thoughts disappear and simply do nothing
The sight is too short and thoughts narrow become
Nothing inspires and nothing holds your breath
It’s just a day – grey day
There’s no one to talk to
No one who listens
Just talk to myself
Think and feel
And keep it all for myself
Every smallest thing gives affection and surrounds
Consciousness stays - today’s another way
How to feel and see things different
Watch and enjoy it
Then hide in your memory
Just as living another day
A different day where everything goes its way
It’s way to grey day

Four hours pain

Nobody knows I’m here
No one but pain can see me
Wind interfere every now and then
Peace all around
But explosion inside
Trying to clip and rip everything
And for a moment it’s done
Something so very beautiful
But painful as hell
Can stop everything
Can choke the flame make the smoke harmless
But painful is moment indeed
Each moment that comes along with it all
Result it what counts - sweet taste of victory
The feeling of bowling over
And the wonderful view which makes it even stronger
But no one can see me
Nobody knows I’m here
And pain that is over
Becomes sweet and pleasant
Like blood into wine
Pain into pleasure
This is my inward fight
No one can take it from me

Nav vīzijas

Tik skaļš klusums mÄ“Ä£ina izlauzties
Pats par sevi stiprs spēcīgs un neredzams
Nevar just kad tas ienāk
Nevar dzirdēt kad tas aiziet.
Tomēr nedzirdama spalga skaņa to raksturo
Un dziļu domu sākums to atpazīst
Tas ir solis pēc kura var domāt
Spriest rakstīt varbūt visu atspulgā redzēt
Tam nozīme ir liela
Tas ikdienu spēj iespaidot
Pelēki blāvo skatienu tik ļoti skaidru padarot
Rīcība sevi izseko
Tikai pēc laika var just ko tas spēj dot
Uz to brīdi dziļā mierā var aiziet ar to
Var just cik savādāks viss tajā izskatās
Redzēt kā lietas izmainās
Kā nesaprastais kļūst par saprotamu
Ik mirkli visam var punktu pielikt
Un kliedzot uzelpot - bailēs aizskrienot
Vai tomēr vēl dziļāk grimt un piedzīvot
Ne tikai skaisto saredzot bet tik tiešÄm saskatot
Nemanot klusums jau skaļš kļuvis
Kā parasts brīdis ikdienas rutīnā
Tas priekšÄ saka ik zilbi ik mirkli.
Uz katras ieelpas uz elpas garaiņiem
Un atkal jau gribas noticēt
Kā izdevīgāk tā visu redzēt
Nepieliekot pūles kaut ko padarot
Un runājot - tā īsti nemaz nezinot

Kas acis atvērs

Laiks nepiedos tam kurš atkāpsies
Laiks nepiedos tam kurš atskatÄ«sies
Tikai atliks vien pamosties un nekas vairs nebūs kā atcerēsies
Kurš mÄ“Ä£inās to ierobežot
Kurš mÄ“Ä£inās to pasteidzināt
Kurš mÄ“Ä£inās tajā iekļauties
Un vienādi ar to uz priekšu iet
Kas labāk saprasties spēs tam visas durvis vaļā vērs
Kas acis atvērs tam izlikties vairs nevajadzēs.
Laiks piedos tam kurš atcerÄ“sies
Laiks piedos tam kurš aizmirst nespÄ“s,
Tam kurš atmiņas paturÄ“s un bez nožēlas dzÄ«vot spÄ“s

One part of illusion dies

So beautiful, so powerful
So far away from reach
So true and unreal
Illusion rob my thoughts
How to make it come true
How to tell what’s fake and what’s not
Can’t stop to admire it
Can’t let it grow old
So personal and close
It has taken place in my mind
All of a sudden I realize
It’s right there
We’re standing face to face
So hard to grasp it
To get it in my head
I stand at this point time passing me by
All is frozen and goes very fast
I don’t know what to hold
How to breathe, how to watch it
Feeling this is happening
Falling and rising again
Getting so close until we are one
Dancing at the same song
I remember / recognize / admire
I admire again but everything is new
So beautiful, so powerful
Illusion rob my time
Fantasy filling my mind
But does it make any sense after all?
My dream may end at the moment
I wake from sleeping so tigh